Mikron Black Book

Thought some of you might be interested in getting a copy of this book (It’s FREE).



Thanks, Kevin.:slight_smile:

Thanks Kevin.

Awesome, Kevin. Thanks for the info.

Thanks for the info Kevin.

ordered, thanks Kevin

Any idea how much the cameras cost? Any users or comments regarding these?

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I use their M7815 with a wide angle lens, manual focus ring, and integrated visual camera (specified options). Approximate costs $18000

I’d highly recommend this camera over many of the competitors. The resolution and sensitivity are surpassed by none and in my opinion required for our applications in residential inspections.

This may again fall on deaf ears and many here do not share my same opinion but, the large thermal differences that exist in industrial applications don’t require a highly sensitive camera. It’s easy to ‘see’ the thermal differences of electrical and mechanical components with a lesser resolution camera.
The thermal differences (or delta T as many like to call it) that exist in residential applications are often slight to moderate and do require a highly sensitive camera to accurately scan these applications. With lesser resolution cameras, one must get more creative in “manufacturing” the thermal window or delta T which requires additional time.
Many of the experienced “experts” and pioneers who combine thermal imagery with residential inspections also agree with this stance (notice I didn’t say Level 1,2, or 3 educators/trainers).

Additionally, the folks at Mikron are very knowledgeable and easy to communicate with.

My recommendation… buy or lease the best you can afford and pay attention to resolution and NETD when performing your research… it DOES matter.

JMHO FWIW :cool:

In our recent class Bob Rogers, our instructor, pointed out that NETA specifications indicate there could be a possible deficiency with as little as a 1 degree C difference over ambient in some electrical applications.

Thank you Kevin!!

Thanks Kevin


I’m with you brother!! My next camera is a T360 or 400



The T400 is awesome!! Excellent camera.



I had the opportunity to see it when I did my level 1 course. One of the guys in the course had one, and I have to agree with you!!

I’ve had mine for about three months. If you have any quastions about the camera just let me know.


Will do, Thanks!!