mile high meter

What will the Utility say when they come to read this meter? Grade was lowered after inspection. 11’-6" grade to glass.

ward 032.jpg

I think the power company would like it no higher than 6’ 6" or something like that.

Call it.

some binoculars from the deck to the left of the pic. would do it. but i’d call it out too.

This a job for – S-t-r-e-t-c-h Tallfellow.

Do meter readers carry ladders?

Hey, don’t really see the problem. :mrgreen:

“At PowerCo, Inc, if we don’t read your meter within 30 seconds, your power’s free!”

They don’t read meters here the old fashion way, the use an electronic device they point and click and there done.

Yes, but you’re 5’ 20".:mrgreen:


Was that the only meter in the neighborhood set at that height? Living in WA, could it have something to do with deep winter snow or perhaps a flood area?

After the Electrical was signed off, the grade was lowered to create an entrance to the basment under the meter.

Well that’s just stewpid. . . :roll: