Well, just got through doing my year end cleaning and archiving all my past reports.

823 HI inspections (including 67 one year warranty inspections) , 213 Thermal Imaging consultations, 131 Energy Audits and 97 others (maintenance, roof checks, water intrusion, etc).

Entering my 5th year.

Thanks, NACHI and all of you. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Take a well deserved bow.

Congrats Will! I assume your per year average has steadily increased?

Congrats Will . . . and thanks for all your help here on this broad . . . my God’s blessings be with you and your family this Holiday Season!

What Broad? You foolin around Michael? :wink:

Nice stats, Will. Congrats and continued success.

Will ,is one of the busy guys.

How many homes ,Condo’s , and Properties are sold without the benifit of a NACHI Inspector?

Why am I sitting on a forum today ,instead of giving out my expertise?

We have some work to do in order to educate the public ,gentlemen.

My next inspection is not scheduled till wednsday.

We should all have jobs ,every darn day…ANSWERS?

Very nice Will


:shock: Oops . . . MESSAGE BOARD . . . :wink: :wink:

Good for u Will.

Will that is really excellent!

I hope to be saying the same one day

Seems like you are heading that way Joe.

Yeah BOB, i agree- i am angry when i don’t get an inspection at least every other day- LOL i’ve been pissed for the last few months – but i wont give up. For me right now, at the very least, I am happy I haven’t had a single complaint from a client and i always seem to leave people satisfied.

Will’s success is a great boon to all of us as he makes a great ambassador to the world of home inspection.

Mr Decker! Continued success to you big guy - its easy to look up to you. (your so darn tall!)

Congratulations Will!’re blessed because you bless!
You reap what you sow. Merry Christmas!

Congrats…Big Orange !

Nice going Will. I’ll publish mine when I get done and we can all look at the other endo of the spectrum.

Bob - I actually have another business that a person runs for me and it is a home management business because of the snow birds and so many houses sit vacant. We watch and insure that during storms, hurricanes…everything is OK. Well that person was not so organized. HARD HARD worker, just not a SMART SMART worker. I hired a business coach and WOW what a difference they make. He ROCKS and his input has made leaps and bounds. Something that people might consider when slow. We have been very blessed living in a vacation area with great weather year round so business is always good. But in times (holiday area) they can get somewhat slower and this is when I hit education BIG time. I look for weakness in my competition and Pounce on it…there were no INachi Master inspectors here…well guess what, NOW THERE IS…there were no home inspectors that were Certified Indoor Environmentalists…NOW THERE IS…there were no inspectors who delivered the report on site…I think you get the picture…take advantage of the slow time…

I will ,as soon as I get slow.
Actually busy to where I need more sleep.
I am sure it will slow down soon ,as I am surprised to be getting work right now.
Your advice is good as I did that last year ,when I almost quit this business,as it was dead to me in November and December,but that’s when I decided to go the opposite direction and work hard to where I am so far.

I have not counted ,but after 30 last year,it is maybe around 150 this year,with no marketing.
The future at least looks promising,though I have a long way to go.Not anywhere near satisfied.

wow, whats your secret

For some reason ,I have been getting lots of referals .
Also many that call cold say I am getting reviews on social sites, but I have not seen them.
Yelp was mentioned and Twitter.
Guess I am not searching right.
I know almost all of my clients fit into 3 catagories.
Lawyers ,Judges and Engineers,but have no idea why?
Lastbut not least , I have my websites, which you may notice are a different format ,as I gear them a certain way.
Remember when asking other Inspectors what they think, that they are not your target.
Think about it!