Miller AC (Blank Label)

Never seen this before.
I went to check the info on the label at the outside compressing unit on a Miller AC and found it completely blank.

It was not that the information had faded to the point it couldn’t be read, it was just not there (Just to clarify- the label was present, but none of the manufacturer’s information had been printed on it).

I checked to see if it looked as if someone removed the original label and/or covered it up, but couldn’t find any supporting evidence to that end.

I tried checking the label on the top of the compressor and the one on the fan for some type of date or something but couldn’t find anything useful.

That’s how Miller saves on warranty expenses! :slight_smile:

You guys sure do go to great lengths to find that manufacturing date! There are no date codes on motors and compressors.

Sorry, I have better things to do with my time during an inspection.

Yep- found that out ](,) ](,)