mini-golf website!

Hi all, If you have some time between inspections or just need a break go to this website; (never mind what it’s called). On the home page scroll down and on the left side you will see mini-putt golf, click on that and you can play 18 holes of mini-golf! My best score was 45 and I do not play on work time. It does take some skill. Have fun! stop back with your score.

OMG! That’s fun! AND, I’m at work. If I get fired… it will be HI full time… woohoo!!!

  1. A couple of holes killed me. :roll:

Stupid game < now I now why I do not play golf, but it was funny how that little ball goes where it wants and not where you want it to.:shock: watch out for the last 2 holes!!!

Guess I need more practice, 53 first time through…
what fun…:smiley:

43 but took 11 strokes on the last hole. Had a slew of Hole in ones.

  1. Only 3 holes in one.

Ok, OK, OK had 37 until the last hoe ended up 43 ^#@%

I like it

36 (7 strokes on hole 18) 7 hole in ones

Damn it Doug, I just spent 2 hours trying to beat your score :mrgreen:

34 (should have been a 32 but I messed up a hole)



I just got luck with a 32. 4 holes in one

Well I see we have some pretty skilled golfers on here. Good job!

Great Site! Hit a 60- Fun!