Minimum Height?

Do low voltage systems and television cables have minimum required heights and distances? If so, where is it found in the NEC?

Are you talking about mounting heights on the wall or overhead span heights?


Call your local cable company.
They should always be below the electric service feed.

There are some limitations with low voltage lighting and cable systems…both found respectfully in Article 411 and Chapter 8. However, it is important to know what specific portion of the system you are speaking in reference too.

If you are talking in terms of being installed in a dwelling…then no not really in terms of height requirements…at least that I am aware of. If you are speaking about the point of connection to the dwelling then you have to contend it Part II of Article 800.

I should have been more clear. I’m referring to the overhead span from the pole to the house. It has two low voltage wires/cables that are just under 8’ above grade.

Call the utility company to adjust the spans.

So, would you call it out as a deficiency?

Have exact requirements stored somewhere but that is too low.

No time to look but here is a link …

Thanks Bob.