Minimum Main breaker for Townhome?

Inspecting a 1980s Townhome, 1600 sf. Main breaker is 60 Amps. I know 100 Amp minimum for Single Family, but having trouble finding minimum required for a Townhome. Upgrade would be a good idea in this case (panel, meter, etc will support 150 A) but I need to know minimum acceptable.

The 100 amp minimum in some form (more than five 2-wire branch circuits) for a single family dwelling dates back to the 1968 NEC. A single unit of a town home would be a SFD.

If you feel that an upgrade is a good idea then I would suggest that you recommend a licensed electrician do an evaluation and load calculation. Unless you are a licensed electrician or electrical engineer you are not qualified to recommend a certain size. Just my opinion.

Good point and agreed!