Minimum water testing requirements for USDA loan?

Does anyone know what the minimum water testing requirements are for a USDA loan?

Thanks in advance.

I’ve always just tested bacteria and nitrates. Then Wells Fargo wanted nitrites so it seems to depend on the lender. Since then I do nitrates nitrites and coliform bacteria.

Usually just a Total Coliform is needed. Only in known areas do they request a Nitrite / Nitrate test.

My well test from Thursday was positive for Coliform but negative for E-Coli. Not acceptable for drinking water until treated.

I use a local lab.
They test according to FHA Loan Requirements

I use the same test for all water test requirements.

Total Coliform
Fecal Coliform
Nitrate Nitrogen
Nitrite Nitrogen
E. coli

You guys in Iowa have to stop putting your outhouses over the top of the well… :wink:

This is the latest HUD info on the subject.

File was too big to attach :sad: I will look for the link

OK - go to my web site - on the “AGREEMENTS & LINKS” page under well & septic you will find the HUD letter regarding well & septic testing as well as some other stuff.

Inspection requirements start on the 3rd page.