Minneapolis / St. Paul Chapter of InterNACHI inspectors meeting on August 14, 2010.

Minneapolis / St. Paul Chapter of InterNACHI inspectors meeting.

Didn’t know a operating MN chapter existed anymore! I’ve been asking for 4 years now.

Ahh, that’s why… new chapter. Chapter Pres. is a new Nachi Member.

Got ya Nick. Yes, I have known about starting my own chapter for a couple of years. Unfortunately, in the very Southern part of Minnesota, there are/were very few Nachi Members. I am aware there are many in “the cities”, but, trying to get someone to drive an hour or more is like pulling teeth! Good example: remember the “inspector success” tour you did? You cancelled Minneapolis. I wonder why? No need to answer. Do you recall how many inspectors made the drive to Milwaukee from Minnesota? Only one that I remember (325 miles ea/way). And one or two from Iowa, if memory serves.

Lately there has been mention of a Tri-State Chapter, covering (NE) Iowa, (SW) Wisconsin, and SE Minnesota, which is kind of like a black hole. Major stumbling block is travel distances without direct routes to a central area. This also makes it difficult to get vendors to attend and present.

Hopefully, something can be figured out, as we desperatly need the support around here.

I for one will be attending the MSP meetings whenever possible, until a more Southern Chapter becomes feasible. A chapter of one (or two) is pointless.

(Maybe more interest could be garnered if Nachi, Ferry, Farsetta, etc. would hold *something *in this state from time to time. The only event I remember being held in MN in the last 4 years was a seminar in Hinkley MN. (150 miles North), about two & 1/2 years ago. Yes I attended that one also.

This is why I keep asking about the Nachi convention. I am depending on there being one this year, and that the place and date is announced with enough time to make affordable arrangements. Inspectors in areas like mine, are gonna need all the advance notice we can get.

For purely greedy, selfish, profit reasons… if I was currently an inspector… I would have my own InterNACHI chapter.

And I’d invite every local agent to every meeting and pray that they don’t come (they won’t BTW).

Of all marketing tools available to you, none is as good as being the President of the local inspection association.

Out of curiousity Nick
Why would one hope that the agents decline to come to the meeting?

As the Minneapolis & St. Paul Chapter President it is my goal to make this chapter work and become very helpful for the home inspectors in Minnesota. I have lined up some good speakers for upcoming events and meetings. Our current speaker for the Mold & Air Quality Seminar teaches classes at Centry College in Minneapolis to Building Contractors, City and County Building Inspectors.

Will this be the first event of the chapter? When did the chapter become active? How many members does the chapter currently have? Not a whole lot of info on the website yet. Looking forward to attending the events.

I have honestly considered this, but again, a chapter of one or two sux.

John asks:

Because they’ll expect you to buy them their dinner. LOL!

Actually, because you can gain the marketing advantage sought (being the real estate agent’s local, go-to inspector association President) through the invitations to the meeting alone, which will only cost you the price of a post card.

What sounds better to you?

A: I’m a very thorough, knowledgeable home inspector. Hire me! Hire me!
B: I’m your local Chapter President of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. If you or your clients have any technical questions, I’m here to help.

All I know is that I’m PROUD to be chapter president! Regardless of the marketing. Proud to be involved in this capacity with InterNACHI!!!

Jeff, I know where you’re coming from on the long drive! I do look forward to seeing you again at another meeting as I plan on attending more around if I am able!