Minnesota Sprinkler Law Ruled Invalid

… and part of the BS was that the Rule wasn’t applied to smaller residences under 4,500 sf.

IMO, the courts should have said… “Okay BATC… it now applies to homes of ALL sizes”!

Eat that!!!

I could not disagree more.

In a free society people have property rights.

Absolutely correct… and I have the right, living in a city where my neighbors home is ONLY 6 feet away from mine (theoretically) for MY home NOT to catch fire because my cheap a-s-s neighbor didn’t REQUEST a sprinkler system to be installed… (assuming he was even aware of the option)… AND assuming he had the home built FOR HIM! If a typical tract home, the builder had the only say in if the homes have sprinklers… thus why laws like these are necessary! To protect the consumer from the penny-pinching builders!

Do I want gubment in my life and making these decisions for me? NO… but, someone has to protect us from OURSELVES!!!

(Generally speaking, of course)!

So tell me about you and your neighbors sprinkler system.

Got any?

Cost in a older home i can see , In new construction it wouldn’t be as high as your quote , More done cheaper it gets . Larson you walked through flames looking for someone or bagged a toasty . Your opinion is worthless . I see you doing home inspections taking peoples money . Addressing issues Like GFCI ,wiring ,shingles drain pipes add those costs to a poor seller and sprinklers are pretty cheap

Missouri Association of Realtors several years back killed a new residence sprinkler bill. A couple years later they killed a residential smoke and carbon monoxide detectors bill in new residences. The MAR lobbyist says putting smoke detectors in homes would put too much hardship on builders. Simply amazing! Republicans run amuck.

How about we just send you the bill. Get it yet?

As to your thoughts of what I call out and what I don’t you are clueless and stupid as usual.

I know for a fact you do not call out the lack of sprinklers now do you wayney? Why not, they are for safety, right?

That’s right and you are as full of crap as usual.

It’s a freedom issue.

Wake up and stop telling others how to spend their money.

LOL Well In Knoxville they required by heating equipment in a crawl space now , i figure it will be only a matter time in a home . You have double standards and hide behind the old freedom thing unless it agrees with your views . Do you wear a seat belt *** hole ? do you text while driving ? Things are put in place to protect dumb ***'s like you . It is worthless even thinking you would look at anything that may save property and lives . I hope you call your local fire dept and tell them don’t worry i will not need your service I will fight and rescue myself i hate anything the government has it’s hand in .

Why must you make it up (a.k.a -LIE)?

You make accusations you can’t back up then whine when called on them.

What a dishonest piece of crap.:(:frowning:

What ever *** hole prove i am dishonest you ****ing dip **** that only hates . Oh i disagree with you view so i am liar i get it . your a close minded slug nothing more than a troll with nothing to do

I reported a story.

all you do is lie and whine.:roll::roll:

You lied about me intentionally.

Screw that crap.

LOL I deleted my post because your worthless

chicken ****

The copy of your post stays.

People need to see your hate.

lol that;s Ok Perhaps they will view your closed minded ideals too . How ever you do hate anything that is government even if it proves it would save lives

Standing up for freedom is not being closed minded.

Demanding others spend their resources as Wanye the whiny decides is tyranny.

The problem with your type of thinking is it has no limits. ZERO

What ever big boy , go on hating that is what you do the best. keep the blinders on .
To ever reads this post my opinion is mine on sprinklers to save lives Unlike my colleague Mikey . I have fought fires , located bodies after a fire . Mikey sits in his chair passing judgement on others and call people liars and whiners . Oh well

Well you apparently hate freedom and support the ever growing nanny state. little man.

Own it.

Read above lol

I can read. Can you.

If you really cared you would demand that homes be built from only non flammable materials.

why don’t you?

You would also ban candles, fireplaces and stoves.