Miracle Iron Furnace

Has anybody heard of a “Miracle Iron” furnace ?
This one has me stumped…
Any one care to un-stump this one with a little history ?

Good luck and thanks,

Darrell Freshour

WGrand 020.JPG

Found this on an HVAC BB.

I’d really like to inspect an old Miracle Iron gas furnace manufactured by the Holland Furnace Co. The company went out of business in the mid-to-late 1960’s. So, these things are pretty rare anymore.

Hi to all,

Prestons guide refers you to Rybolt furnaces and has the model # listings for 1965 through 1970. If you have the model number I may be able to tell you more.



s/n-3513 Model 140 L

That’s ok Gerry, it was just an investor walk thru
Thanks anyway

Darrell, sorry Prestons doesn’t show that one so I am guessing it’s pre 1965 I doubt that it is even 50% efficient.