Miramar Elevation Photos

Anybody ??

have them call my office if u need them 305-759-4587

I would if I could but I can’t drive. Sorry.

You sure it’s not mirromar lakes?

There is a city called Miramar over here in South West Broward almost Dade.

THANKS Mike, it only pays 35.oo from the owner but if someone is in the area good gas money only way I can justify it. But then again not much work, is for flood purposes.

I would just have scheduled it when in the area. Bonus money :slight_smile:

I’m in the area quite often and will gladly take the pictures for you and donate the proceeds to Meeker. In fact just send him the money. I mean if that’s okay with Mike that is.


Please do not.
I have had a great many offers from fellow inspectors and I greatly appreciate them all but have refused them all and told everyone the same thing. Save the money for your own family. If you feel like donating.
Please send to Nachi Nickles in my name instead :slight_smile:

Thanks for the offer it is greatly appreciated.

No problem Mike and hopefully didn’t offend you either. Just a way of helping out. Sometimes we can get so caught up in this rat race that we forget how easily tragedy can strike at a moments notice. My offer is always open ended if I’m able to help in any way or form. Get better soon.


Awesome Bert,…brothers helping brothers

No way was I offended. I have been amazed at all the personal offers. I just would not feel right accepting money from a fellow inspector who may some day have his own issue.

Nachi Nickles is a good way for those who want to help guys like me.

Just think by the time it is hot as h e l l again I should be able to crawl around in attics looking for shiners.

That is till I find something better to do. I have to think long term and this really opened my eyes. I hope it opened a few others eyes as well. It can happen in a second and if it is not work related you get nothing from anyone. Unless maybe AFLACK :slight_smile:

I had disability insurance way before I got married and for one reason or another it did not make it to my new policy.

If the construction world would not have crashed like it did I would be looking forward to early retirement :frowning: So much for that pipe dream. I was going to try to replace my Dad with his Grandkids 4 “1 is mine 3 my sisters” of them by doing all the great stuff he and I used to do and tell them all the stories. Now all I can do is tell stories. That is how we keep him alive in our hearts.

Bert, I will make contact w details, think have a few other Winds over there if you want…A BIG thanks.

We do elevation certificates as well. At a great price