Mirror glass on an Interior wall...questions

Is there any constuction or safety standard that a Home Inspector is looking for?
My picture could be better…The glass looked great and I saw no adhesion problem to the wall…it did have a metal boarder that was inserted on the bottom.

Glass-panel “accessories” are not addressed by model codes. This is one of those areas where you will need to rely on “common sense.”

Again it’s what the inspector can’t see. I have a similar installation in my house. Often there are concealed fasteners behind the mirror and attached by screws to the wall studs.

Thanks Jeff

thanks for the info.

The only rules I know is never break a mirror 7 years bad luck and they play hell with IR cameras especially in tiled bathrooms;-):wink:

Glass and Glazing rules. All mirrors should have some type of mechanical fastener(aka-“J” channel top and bottom, or “J” clips with screw). The reliance of “mirror mastic” alone is not recommended. Also mirror should be safety backed or tempered when used as door mirror or within 5’ of hot tubs. Mirrors with mastic only can and will fall off the wall. Humidity plays a roll. Typical 1/4" thick mirror is razor sharp when it breaks.