mirrors everywhere

Mirrors on kitchen backsplash. Acceptable material or not? Mirrors on stair risers I wrote up as probable safety issue,and should be replaced with proper material. There was no wooden risers behind the mirrors on the stairs,they were glued to the step stringers. The kitchen I wrote up as possible safety issuse and should be closely monitored for cracks or breakage. Any suggestions?

Phil Capes
Covington Ga:shock:

Was it tempered glass on the stairs?

Any photos???

Not tempered glass.

Photos of mirrors everywhere

They must had shares in a mirror factory

I think you nailed it. I have seen glass as a backsplash before, other than the off chance of shattering, its a good material.

Sounds about right.

The backsplash wouldn’t bother me but the risers are definately a safety hazard.