Mirus 10" Touchscreen Netbook vs. CTL 2go Classmate Convertable

First of all thank you to everyone for the advice on my dead Ipaq. For three days I searched for the 2go 10" Classmate model and none to be found. CTL is back ordered till mid August. But get this…last night I searched “touchscreen tablet” and the first site found was Sears. 1st thought was, SEARS? But turns out they sell a model called Mirus 10" Schoolmate touchscreen Netbook. Look at the specs. Looks to be the same as another tablet. “Hint”. In stock no less. I ordered one last night for $479.00. With expedited delivery for 7/6/10 with tax it came to $531.00. So if you want a good tablet go to www.sears.com and search mirus tablet pc and you’ll be shocked. Kmart sells this as well.

Steve Milek
Attention To Detail Home Inspections, LLC

Sears website sux…

Try here… and less expensive too… http://www.thenerds.net/MIRUS_INNOVATIONS.Mirus_89_SYNCT9XP_Tablet_Touchscreen_Netbook_PC_with_Intel_Atom_N270_Processor.SYNCT9XP.html?affid=8&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=SYNCT9XP^~^MIRUS%20INNOVATIONS

That sure looks like my CTL go

You gotta love sears… but that model is an 8.9". The one I bought is the 10". For a couple of dollars more you can have the larger screen and 7 day ground shipping was only $7.00 or so.

Got mine for $400


CTL is not the only one who makes those laptop/tablets Intel designed them and farmed them out to several manufactures. CTL, Nobis etc.

Remember 8.9 inch weighs in at 2.8 pounds and the 10 inch is 3.8 pounds


The small one even feels heavy.
Good thing they include the handle.

Intel makes them. CTL is the main distributor and one of the only companies you can actually buy it from and modify it (add ram, different hard drives, different OS, etc).