Mismatched components?

Inspected a rather nice new home today. It had a Rheem air handler in the attic and a Weather King heat pump condenser. Is this an issue? Will there be any maintenance issues with mis-matched components down the road? Does Rheem make Weather King by any chance?

It should not matter as long as the inside coil is matched for the tonnage

WEATHERKING: Former trade name of Addison Products, sold to Rheem in 1989.

In the case of mismatched equipment, Call either Mfg and they will tell you if this voids warranty. Get part numbers from both units for when you call.

In this case, Weatherking/Rheem may fly.

The problem you find a lot is that the outdoor unit is replaced and the old indoor coil is not. This may not work as designed, even if it is the same size equipment. Old equipment does not have the same SEER rating as old equipment.

David, how do you address this in your reports? Do you treat it like a significant issue or just note it?

Go to AHRI directory to verify a proper match for unitary equipment.

Tonnage is not a matching criteria for HVAC equipment as each manufacturer has different BTU ratings for their equipment.


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It is a place to start with As home inspectors we do not design a system
Pipe size coil size Air flow , Btu ratings of coils are all above home inspections .

I make a call to the supplier. I report what they tell me.

I hate to see anyone relying on equipment warranty when they don’t have it.
Very likely no one will ever know, but…

The supplier of what? The condenser? Furnace/air handler? Both?

Either. Local distributor can give you the information. You don’t have to go to the main manufacturer.

Warrantees do not go to the top of the food chain.
A local supplier can cut off the local HVAC contractors buying this equipment and improperly installing it. They are basically the ones that enforce the manufacturers requirement[FONT=Tahoma][size=2].