Mismatched HVAC equipment

Be nice, David!

Yea your right.

Need to be nice to the new guy…

Just got done with a 70 page HI Report follow-up inspection where the HI called out everything except his mothers fallen arches!

“Recommend further evaluation”. Every darn thing!

3 HAVC units failed the 20 degree drybulb test with a vacant house 90 F, 87% rh.

You know I’m hot under the collar!

What did you write, instructions on how to repair everything? :stuck_out_tongue:

No, what was actually broke and what was not. What is normal wear and tear and what actually had to be replaced (not evaluated further). I was there to do the rest of his job!

That the R-Value of refrigerant pipe insulation does not effect the performance of the HVAC equipment…

I never tell anyone “how” to fix something. Just make the problem go away!

If they want a brand new house, go buy one (good luck with that).

When you buy a used car, you don’t always get new tires, but the ones you get must hold air and be safe to operate on. Simple as that.

I am so sick and tired of “scared” Home Inspectors this week! They can’t make a decision and are afraid of their own shadow to a point they make everyone’s life miserable from diarrhea mouth!

It took three people to sit down and read this report and figure what needed to “really” be taken care of. A Real Estate Broker, an Engineer and a Home Inspector to “translate” for them.