missed inspection items?

Moved into our new house today. By new, I mean new to us. It is a remodeled 1997 home. Anyway, I went to take a bath tonight in our only bathroom with a tub and the tub has a hole in the fiberglass on the inner edge, if you are kneeling by it. We also have two windows that appear to be rotted/stuck shut. They are very dusty, almost like old water damage, lost of bugs, and won’t open. Just wondering if this is normal to be missed in an inspection, and if not…what I do about it.

You need to talk to your inspector now .

Why do you assume they were missed?

Did you read the entire inspection report, and are certain these issues were not addressed? They may not be in a section that you would assume them to be in, such as the tub being in Plumbing, not in Bathrooms.

Did you read the entire Inspection Agreement/Contract? What is the procedure if concerns about the inspection come up at a later date, such as immediate contact and availability to reinspect? Did you follow these procedures?

Contact your inspector now. He/she deserves to be advised and the opportunity to investigate and determine how they wish to handle your concerns.