Missed the best part of the party

Congratulations to those that got early Christmas gifts today. Looks like there was a lot of really good things.
Special thanks to good old Saint Nick and his band of merry elves for putting on a wonderful Party. One of these days I am going to take the day off to be here and drink with Meeker. LOL

Merry Christmas to everyone and all the best in the New Year.

I hope not I just got here.

Is it over?

I forgot until just now. Congrats to the winners.

Happy Holidays all.

I haven’t seen anything official yet, but it seems like it is over. Or it might just be my slow internet today…

That has been a HUGE problem all day from what I hear But it is only 6pm on the west coast… so hmmm:mrgreen:

I missed a geat part of it. I was going to try to get all the books I could for the young man I am mentoring BUT Surprise it was in the speal deals forum and the serverice was so slow on both ends it was almost useless unless it was a prize for CMI I did not stand a chance. Oh well. See you forum folks next year maybe. Merry Christmas.

Funny now so many are still logged on Yet the system is smoking, Hmmmmmm.