missed ?

Does anyone know how to see the ? you miss on these ed resources and test ?
Also does anyone know the Aug Fl test schedule?

I wondered about that too, would be helpful to see which ones you got wrong even when passing the test

You do not get wrong answers on the exams.
Try the Practice exam, it lets you answer and reanswer till you get it right. It is interactive though and is sometimes dead slow to respond.

I ditto that. Maybe We can initiate a change to the format. Hopefully Nick will stumble across this thread and give us his input. Since InterNACHI is all about education, seeing the answers to what we missed would be teaching. We all know what we know, we just don’t know when what we know is wrong.

Every one of our hundreds of quizzes in our dozens of courses reveals the correct answer if you want it. www.nachi.org/education.htm

How do we get it to reveal the correct answer after we have taken the test?

we don’t
let me see if I can find practice

What I believe we are looking for are the answers to the final exams not the quizzes, you can pass with an 80%, so it would be good to see which ones you missed in order to get the correct answers


We are not looking for the quizes, we are looking for the correct answers to the final exams. Is it posiible to see the correct answers to the final exams of each course? If yes, how do we do it.

No. Only the quizzes, which many of the final exam questions/answers are drawn.