Missing brick veneer foundation support

Full two story brick veneer front with only 1" of foundation support. Home is six years old, no evidence of wall movement. I guess the wall ties are holding the wall in place. :slight_smile:






Picture #1 looked like there was an angle iron under the brick.I’ve seen angle iron attached to the foundation and the brick setting on that.

No angle iron present.


Thanks Marcel

How do you find this stuff Marcel?? The great and powerful OZ

Looks like 2/3rd"s to me (hehe)

Bob, what is that supposed to mean ??

Read the link.
Needs 2/3rds support.

Corbelled, unreinforced masonry can overhang a foundation wall by up to 1/3 it’s bed depth with 2/3 bearing on the concrete wall.

I did read the link. I didn’t get the hehe 2/3rd"s part. Your typo confused me. which isn’t hard to do.
I see what you mean now . :slight_smile: You didn’t mean anything about 2/3rd"s .

Hey Bob,

Just to clarify your response, at least 2/3rds is unsupported (2 1/2"). Agent contacted the builder regarding a structural warranty, builder claims the warranty only covers the 1st year. I plan to follow up on this one, would like to know the proposed fix.

2-1/2"x5"x5/16" galvanized steel angle bolted to the wall with quick bolts.:slight_smile: