Missing Child

To all my fellow inspectors, especially in the Central Florida region. This girl went missing on Tuesday. Please go to my facebook page and download the flyer. If you would please speak to local businesses to put them in their windows and break rooms plus give to your friends and neighbors I would be most grateful.


How about a link to your FB page? She could easily be out of Florida by now, and anywhere in the country.

Sorry Jeff, I thought that I had posted it but upon checking the link I must say oops. Lets try again, and thanks for the help.

pdf link for non-facebook

Got it shared on my wall, Aubrey! Hope it helps.

Thank you Jeff. It is people like you that help to make the world a better place for all of us. I hope and pray that no members of NACHI ever have to face what these folk are having to go through, it is tearing them apart emotionally.