Missing threads

When viewing the Forum home page with Categories on the left and Latest threads on the right and NOT logged in I see Latest threads that include those I’ve posted/replied on. Once I log-in threads that I have posted on disappear from the list. What gives? Do I have an option set wrong in my settings?

Go to your face (I forget what one calls it.) and click on it. Then click on the gear. then click on Activity.

Is that what you are looking for, Michael?

Yes, I’ve already looked at all of the options and settings for the forum there and see nothing that looks like it would affect what I’m experiencing.
But, Yes, I can go to Avatar/Preferences/Activity tab and my posts/replies show up there but I shouldn’t need to delve 3-4 layers deep to see a reply I did 10 minutes ago, it should appear on the Latest list of topics.