Missouri Association of Realtors Wants You To Die

We all know how the Missouri Association of Realtors is pushing to control the wording of the home inspection reports as they push HB 2057 through the legislature…but did you know this?

According to their lobbyist, Sam Licklider, in a recent memo to the used house salesmen of Missouri…the Missouri Association of Realtors is opposing HB 2463. This billwould require CO and smoke detectors to be placed in homes.

Why would a used house salesman fight a bill that would keep the current owner alive? Because the odds are, when he dies, someone will want to sell the house!!!

I’m going to go puke, now.

Simply amazing!
I can not wait to see one of your well written articles about this in Missouri newspapers.
If we do not protect the consumer, who will? From the watching the actions of the Missouri Association of Realtors these last few years, we know who is not.