Missouri Fire Sprinkler Summit

Have anybody been to one of these. Just $40.


What do you expect to learn? :wink:

Overview of sprinkler standards, including NFPA 13D, Installation of Sprinkler Systems in One- and Two-Family Dwellings and Manufactured Homes

You do understand that it mostly about effectively advocating for such systems, right?

read their bullet points.

I understand that. Like any organization hosting something, they are going to want to push their own opinion. To me, fire sprinklers are not a bad thing.

No they are not a bad thing. Making you install them is.

But nothing in their summary indicates this is useful for home inspectors.

I perform a lot of commercial inspections.

Amazing lol Someone should go and let us know how it turned out

I agree. Roy Cooke should go and report back. :wink:

Great idea can we stay in your trailer for a couple of night .
We do not smoke and will not drink or do drugs … Roy

I did not know they made 4000 square foot trailers Roy?

Is that what you have?

I’m a long way from Missouri.

Do you have a map?

Yes I understand that I thought it would be nice to meet you and you wife .
My house has been posted many times on this forum and I expect you have looked at it many times looking at my solar panels and other things .

We did live in a trailer in 1955 when we first got married 60 years ago…
We have never had to lived in a rented place .
Always owned out own place . you are further north then we are and 991 miles away

I have posted my home before inside and out.

Its also on the front page of my website.

I do not remember asking about your home or making fun of it .
. I just asked if you would put us up in your trailer .

The travel trailer is currently in storage off site.

Its OK mike we will not be stopping By we do have our own accommodations in our own motor home .
Thanks any way all the best… Roy

Hey Roy… See you round the campfire at the Avion park overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Santa Barbara. They have rentals available now as well for about $150 US.
New Airsteam dealership in Fairfield Ca. Just opened. 50,000 sf under air. 30’ footers start at around $90k… Baby boomers retiring seem to be the audience.

Tried the Trailers and had a Winnebago . We were happy with all .We are so fortunate to be able to do so many things life is fantastic for us.
WE have great health insurance in Canada is free.
but to go to USA the cost is extreme for people at our age .
Thanks nice of you to be thinking of us

There is a lot more trailers in Arkansas than Missouri.

You know the what a tornado and a divorce has in common in Arkansas?

Somebody is losing a mobile home.:stuck_out_tongue: