Missouri Governor Jay Nixon says "NO" to HI Licensing

From his State of the State address, minutes ago…

"And in terms of efficiencies, we’re not finished yet.
For years, state government has been creating boards and commissions for this centennial or that special interest.

"Some do good work, while others don’t do much of anything. Nobody paid much attention to them, and they just kept growing and growing until they turned into bureaucratic kudzu.

"In an effort to root out government waste and inefficiency, I have already eliminated 13 of these boards and 227 positions.

“And I call on the legislature to haul out the brush hog, and get rid of 18 more boards and 246 more positions.”

Let’s see what the governor thinks of the new “Help Me Close My Sale Board” that the real estate salesmen are about to present.


Expect a reprimand from Michael O’ Handjive, without licensing his competition eats his lunch.

One jerk, one jerkoff.

I second that Joe.

I have tried to be carful in posting, since it may not be in the “prudent” area of being a Kansas home inspector.

But, if licensing is coming to Missouri, and, since I live in Kansas, can you imagine the expenses I would have to do inspections in Missouri, which I live only 4 miles from the border? I do almost half of my inspections in Missouri and then have to pay the same fees in Missouri and then Kansas, too?? I have already raised my prices, and when having to pay also in Missouri, I have no choice but to raise prices again, and pricing most home buyers from getting an inspection.

It is not Missouri: it would be missery.

Before they had licensing, those jerk offs were convincing newbies they needed to have a WDO/WDI license and E&O to inspect a house…just to keep their expenses high and discourage new competitors.

They held on to that lie until they could replace it with an actual law that they could use to do the same thing.

O’Handjob is little more than a skimark in the underwear of life…who created his own pond with rules to ensure that he would be the biggest fish swimming in it. Glad to see his State government recognize that and do away with the board he created.

Really… Couldn’t happen to a nastier fellow. :smiley:

Fary, just claim you’re from Mexico and you will be exempt and may even get paid to skirt the laws! :wink: