Missouri HB-1291 Has Public Hearing

I was told this AM that the House Bill (HB-1291) had its Public Hearing last week in Jefferson City (2/8/12) and was basically approved BUT not yet voted out of committee - the committee is apparently looking at some amendments or changes to the wording of the Bill.

I called a few legislators (most were out), but one I did speak with indicated that as they remembered it only about 3 or 4 inspectors were there. One from mid-Missouri and several from St Louis. I was told the mid-Mo inspector spoke against the Bill and the St Louis people spoke on the approval side (but didn’t fully like the Bill either).

So if YOU have changes in the Bills wording you think should be there best get hold of your OR any committee member to suggest them. We’re still not in favor of this BUT if it gets off YOU want favorable wording that can help you NOT Scr_w you …

If there are over 2,400 home inspectors in Missouri, two days notice is not enough time for alerting all of them to come to a “public” hearing. Seems that the lawmakers do not care about the home buyers of Missouri, but only care about their campaign funding.

3 Realtors on the committee; 3 attorneys on the committee; past XO of St Louis Board of Realtors on the committee; 8 Co-Sponsors of the Bill on the committee;

I was surprised they didn’t announce the hearing at 9:00am AND hold the hearing at 2:00pm the same day.

You don’t have to be a home inspector to hate ASHI’s HB 1291 and SB 651.

Spread the word.