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You gotta love this / The wife of the Past President of the Missouri Association of Realtors (MAR) is now a Missouri Representative SITTING on the MO licensing board to hear the Realtors try and PUSH licensing off on us. Besides her husband being Past President of MAR, she was the VP of Governmental Affairs for the St. Louis Board of Realtors / No conflicts or special interests there I hope. See her Bio

It makes me wonder, during hearings and meetings about home inspection laws, that inspectors suddenly get busy, and cannot attend these events.


You got too busy to go down and hit the halls?

I hope we can get hearing dates ahead of time in Jefferson City. We did get advance notice in Kansas, and I did attend hearings there, but only Senator Wysong listened, and he resigned in the fall season after laws were approved.

It makes me wonder, do agents want us licensed in Missouri, or does the KCRAR and the MAR want us licensed; or is it perhaps both?

From James Bushart, Southwest MO:

Licensing of home inspectors harms the public.

It does so by creating an illusion of skill and competency that the public mistakenly believes a license to represent.

In fact, as we all know from every single state that has caved in to the special interests who have purchased such laws from legislators willing to sell them, the criteria that has been established for licensing is nothing more than a minimum basic standard that usually is little more than studying for a test, passing a test, and paying a fee.

Unwitting home buyers innocently suspecting (as the hyperbolic advertisements touting “licenses” as credentials on new-by home inspector web sites) the license to represent a government approved level of skill and competency — end up hiring inspectors who they normally would not have hired if they had done their homework and checked him out instead of relying totally upon the fact that he was “licensed”.

Licensing is a menace to the public and should be abolished where it exists and resisted where it does not.

I guess that would have no outcome as for any argument on out part that there might be a conflict?

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