Missouri proposing reducuing education requirements for sewer inspectors

According to this proposal the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services wants to reduce the ongoing education requirements of sewer inspectors/evaluators to only 12 credits, instead of the current 20, every three years. http://www.sos.mo.gov/adrules/moreg/current/2008/v33n23/v33n23b.pdf
This is all the consumer needs, less educated inspectors deciding if the home that they are buying has a proper sewer system and/or well. I have a bad enough time going behind state licensed sewer installers, soon I will being doing this with state licensed inspectors. Can you say, Missouri consumer getting screwed again by their own government.

How can Mike Parson, the Republican lobbiest magnet from Bolivar, Missouri, even dream of reintroducing his ridiculous bill to protect realtors from “deal killers” this year?

The state with no building codes existent or enforced in two-thirds of its counties, that does not require licenses for electricians, plumbers, hvac technicians, home builders, or general contractors — and now wants to require less CEUs for those who inspect private waste systems (and their proximities to the private drinking water systems)…needs to license the home inspector, instead?

Will they cut medical care for seniors or hot meals to kids in public schools in order to accomplish this imbecilic agenda?

I can’t wait for his bill, this year. I really can’t.

Same for Kansas.