Missouri Senate Bill (SB651) Hearing

The Missouri Senate Bill (SB651) on Home Inspections PUBLIC HEARING was postponed today until next week / Date is still unknown

Keep us updated when!

When Senator Engler’s legislative assistant called me this morning to let me know that Sen. Schaefer was “sick” and would not be presenting his bill I asked if it had been rescheduled and she told me that it had not.

There are still a few days left to get it on the schedule for next week. We’ll see what happens.

Much is happening behind the scenes to kill the ASHI bill. It seems to be growing more and more unpopular for some reason.

Maybe more people are opposed to it than Dan thinks. Maybe some people don’t like to put their business all out in the street…

I know one.:wink:

There is no single group pushing this legislation … nor is there one single group that represents opposition to it. The battles are epic and being fought on a variety of fronts. This message board is the last place to look for real information. But then again … you never know …

Right, Harry?

Today is Monday … Theres 4 days left this week to get it on next weeks schedule and its possible (happened before) that it could get intro’ed next mon or tues of wed or thrs.

We’ve gone thru that before many times in 10 years when special interests are pushing.

Some others who are helping to put a kabosh on the two Missouri Bills…

Read the following link…


cool :cool:

You got it.

Join the conservative efforts of “United For Missouri” and their call to action. Invite your friends and families to do the same.

See how many emails to the senate you can generate before the public hearing next week.