Missouri Sunshine Law is be violated

Not surprising the same politician who pushed for licensing of home inspectors has violated the Missouri Sunshine Law. Shame on you Mike Parsons-X

Also Parsons has put is bid in for Missouri Lieutenant Governor. Just amazing!
The sad part is Missouri politics is so crazy, he just might win! It is not Trump crazy here, but close.

James …

Perhaps you’re forgetting all the wonderful things Parsons did to help us fight licensing.

I personally believe if he had not testified about how his daughter had been damaged by a shoddy home inspection AND related his reasoning (something was defective that after he explained it 3-4 people including myself EXPLAINED in detail HOW that was NOT even something a home inspector even checks). IF he had been more informed and taken the time to learn what we do / don’t do instead of trying to hammer us for something NOT even a part of a home inspection … He might have looked legitimate AND we might have been licensed instead of just making him look foolish.