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From everything I can tell, this died in the water, but…


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It would be good if you checked on the status of this bill with the sponsor.

Joe Myers

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AT this time hb1723 is dead. Both sponsors of the bill were voted out of office. Both original sponsors were Dem’s. Replaced with 1 Dem and 1 Rep.

Can not locate any new action at this time.


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Paul - You’re absolutely right, both sponsors are now out of office. However, 1 is now a Realtor in SW Missouri and the other has offered his services as a potential lobbyist / consultant and spoken in the past year to a large national groups of Inspectors on the east side of the state (that so happened to have been one of the leading forces in pushing the bill).

Dave - You're also right it died, but not because of natural causes.
There were a lot of HI forces trying to push that Bill (the big St. Louis HI group, the HI from Nixa that you & Nick met in Columbia last summer (the come-on follow me lets go get licensed guy), the Large HI Training Company Owner out of Kansas that made multi-trips down there to help draft the Bill, and I think the chairman of the NHIE Testing Board ( a past National Pres of ASHI) lives in St. Louis.

The man down in Joplin by you whose wife is very sick, wrote and emailed hundreds of legislators campaigning against that bill. He made trip after trip to the Capitol talking to legislators about the 1-sided bill and its effect on the small 1 man HI operation or the rural Inspectors. I went with him on 2-3 trips and was much impressed with his ability. He got several mostly rural or small town legislators to see the effect it would have on small inspectors and they made a discerted effort to kill it.

However, a certain group of HI's from a National Association that want that Bill to come to life again have made several trips already to the Capital this year speaking to key legislators. I discovered that by accident while doing a CE educational talk on Mold this summer in the Capital.

Same group except for the St. Louis folks have also been visiting with key Topeka legislators already this year. They've got an agenda. We used to say watch out for the Realtors or Builders, etc - now it seems like the ones we have to keep watching out for are other HI's.

Dan Bowers (Kansas City)