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I was inspecting an electric water heater located in the laundry room of the home. I noticed a small electrical box with two 30 Amp breakers mounted on the wall to the left of the water heater. When the box was opened, the breakers were bypassed and the conductors were connected directly. I noted that to disconnect the power to the water heater the owner would have to go to the main panel outside the home and turn off the appropriate breaker labeled ‘water heater’ and label the breakers near the component as inoperative. The issue that concerned me was the silver metal object in one of the attached photos that jumps from the bus bar to the panel jacket. I have not come across one of these and would like to know if is common, not proper and if is safe? Did my photos get uploaded?![IMG_4749|318x500]


It’s a bonding strap.


Thanks Dominic. I will review this for the future. I have not seen one before this one.

I have another scenario. As i understand it, walking upon a concrete tile roof (the flat style) or a clay tile roof (the Spanish tile style) is not recommended. I have not seen any precautions about walking on the metal roofing patterned after the Spanish tile. Looks very much like the clay tile. I have seen them on homes and saw them on an MLS listing and the roof material is stated as being metal. Of course the REA did not know what the material is. I may be inspecting the home in a week and would like to know if I should attempt to walk upon the material. From the photos the pitch is not steep but I can imagine those waves of metal flattening under my feet. Anyone have any suggestions?