MO Real Estate Salesman Sentenced for Stealing...

…and receives 5 years probation so that he can…(no kidding)…keep from losing his real estate license.

Here’s the story.

Rumor has it that an organized crime syndicate known as the Missouri Association of Realtors (referring to the fact that it uses its money to influence politicians to oppose laws that would save lives such as restricting the use of cell phones while driving through neighborhoods and school zones and laws that would allow citizens of communities to choose to require sprinkler systems in homes built in their area) will be sending henchmen to the Missouri legislature to attempt to buy or otherwise influence lawmakers to help them control what home inspectors are allowed to report to the people they are trying to sell houses to.

I’m sure that this paroled and licensed real estate salesman who was recently convicted for stealing … and who is also suspected in several other similar crimes … will be there with his fellow salesmen lamenting the fact that rogue home inspectors are “killing his deals” and interfering with his other acts of generating income.

I wish them luck since they are unwittingly pushing a law that will enact a statewide standard for identifying and reporting building defects…also known as a statewide building standard.

The above link will not last forever, so here is the article preserved for future readers:



In the last few years there have been several media stories about mortgage fraud, agent misrepresentation, bank and home builder fraud, and many other issues within the real estate circle, just around the KC area.

The NAR, KCRAR, MAR, and all other agent associations apparently turn a blind eye to agents that have legal troubles. They should police their own. Sad.

All agents should read these comments:

I have learned by a bad experience not to trust Realesatate agent’s they want inspector’s to oversee things so that they can make a sale 1 TARBEL REALTOR IN SOUTHERN CA find your corruptors get rid of them.

I had an inspection yesterday in a Missouri city. The buyer that hired me was referred from one of his co-workers at his place of employment that I did an inspection for in the past.

I did not, and have not ever met The buyer’s agent until the inspection yesterday. I will not name names or gender. Let me call this person “Pat”.

Pat tried to tell the buyer about home inspections, and how home inspections are performed. Pat told the buyer about this in front of me. I said nothing. “Oh, you do not have to follow him around. Just stay with me”. I still said nothing, and proceeded to take some pictures and notes. “He is just taking some pictures to remind himself of the good things of the home”. I told the buyer that I will explain the report and defects at the end of the inspection. I did mention to him about the roof that was in an advanced state of deterioration. The buyer then mentioned this to Pat, while I was checking the attic. Pat then got right on the phone, called Pat’s buddy roofer, who arrived quickly. (But the buddy did not get onto the roof until after I was done, and in my truck). About half way through the inspection, the appraiser arrived. Pat tried to tell him how to appraise the home. The appraiser met me in the basement, alone, and mentioned the roof. I said that it needed to be replaced. “Yep, you ever worked with this agent before?” I said no. We both continued with our jobs.

At the kitchen, I started to present my report to the buyer. Pat tried to but-in several times while I was talking to the buyer. I continued explaining without listening to Pat. Then the appraiser walked into the kitchen, and Pat again tried to tell the appraiser what to do, and how to appraise the home. I ignored Pat, explained the report to the buyer, and left. The buyer was pleased.

While driving off, I noticed Pat hugging the roofer.

You must watch agents now that they are hungry for any commissions, and will get them by doing and saying anything. Even passing laws. Sad for the home buyers.

Gary what a crazy story and a shame really. Anyone with half a brain could see there was something wrong with the situation. Fortunately for you the inspection is over and you won’t have to listen to the salesperson ever again, unless they call you and ask you to “lighten” up on the report. I feel sorry for the buyer.

I have always heard stories on this subject over the years on this message board, but never ran into the situation in 9 years of inspections, until yesterday. Later in the evening, the buyer and I did have a private phone conversation, and he understands the situation. Besides the roof, the furnace was rusted, the hot water heater was leaking, gutters are completely rusted, and wood rot on the bottom edges of the siding on all sides of the home. Deck was rotted, and unsafe. He was getting the home about $40K under comparable homes in the area. Built in 1978.

I think we all know the drill.

Start inspecting in central Missouri. It is a pretty common occurrence. It is hard to find a Realtor that is not trying to save their deal any which way they can.

Read these postsby real estate salesmen who “fire” the buyer for "not trusting them" and looking for their own service providers…like home inspectors who are NOT on their lists.

Once again,agents should not be allowed to make referrals,and any HI who softens their report for fear of losing work should be ashamed,real estate agents,mortgage brokers,and even real estate lawyers, all need to be watched carefully,they have all tried unsuccessfully to rip me off,as I mentioned in a previous post,I have done 2 real estate transactions in the past without an agent, and never will use one,buying or selling.

OMG…read post #28.

How stupid can a home buyer get … by insisting that a real estate salesman actually prove that they are trustworthy and not take their word for it? Like this salesman says … there are “many other buyers out there” who will not be so demanding.


This needs to be put out for all to see. I think it will make it much more clear to the public why they need to be more careful before being blindly led by the person who gets paid a bounty for every house they sell.

Note #13. Incredible.

All people should, and must realize, that one of the top 10 most valuable items you can spend money on is a home inspection. Agents are not even in the top 80. Home buyers should realize that they are “used home” commissioned sales people. Like car salesmen, they will say and do just about anything to sell something.

There are many good, professional real estate agents out there. We should promote the good ones somehow.

Having a bad experience with tarbell realtor agent IN SOUTHERN CA puts a bad name for the ones that are truly honest it takes one bad apple to rot the whole basket Arturo knows that…:cool: