MO Rep on Prof Licensing Committee Sentenced to Federal Prison

This man was part of the Missouri Professional Registration and Licensing Committee that, last year, voted to approve the house bill paid for by the Missouri Association of Realtors and presented, as usual, by Mike Parson, the lobbyist’s best friend.

Read this and you will understand more about the system.

The President can create jobs by creating more of these detectives and investigators. Just think it will take an investigator to investigate the person who is being investigated for the investigation into the investigation for corruption, instigated by the person who issued rights to the investigation. When the investigation gets investigated, the investigator will then be investigated by the investigation. Attorneys will step in with their own investigation with their own investigators. Thousands of investigative jobs will be created.

(I think I got that right).

I remember testifying before the Committee he was on several times in the past few years, BUT if memory serves me correctly he was absent at most of the meetings.