Mobil home slabs

I received a call from someone looking to install a mobile home on an existing mobile home slab. The new home is smaller than the original by 2’ in the narrow direction and 6’ in the long direction. The new mobile home installer wants to charge $28,000 to remove and replace the slab. Is there any reason to do this? other than profit.

Most likely to bring it up to current engineering specs.

The previous mobile home was about 7-8 years old?

Where are you located…Please complete your profile.
Each manufactured home has its own unique engineering specs.But most are comparable.
If it were me I’d get a few setup quotes.

this is in Vermont

The perimeter bearing walls would not be on the bearing point of the foundation. Is one reason I can think of.

Yep ! Frank!
There are so many reasons why the setup contractor decided to start fresh.
For one example …Let’s say the old slab didn’t have proper footing…
Now! That is just one… We were not there…Nope!
I can think of about 2-5 more reasons to re-do it.
But, All I can do is speculate …Yep!