Mobile Advertising Signs

Here are photos of my new window signs and licence plate holder :mrgreen:







Did you have the NACHI decal on the side window made up or were you able to buy it somewhere?
Decals look great.

NACHI . com is the wrong address thats an add sight

It should be NACHI. org

Henry, you are right, I will get it changed:shock: . The signs are static signs so I can move them to my new vehicle when it comes time. The small Nachi static signs I got from Nachi several years ago.

Any links available for the NACHI decal?

Thanks in advance.

Now you need commercial car insurance

Checked that out with my agent. Because I use my car for personal use only and do not use it for business I do not need it. Now if I carried all of my tools and ladders, that would be another case. I canceled my insurance with another agent because he tried to pull that crap. He had signs in his windows and I asked him if he had the business rider on his policy? He didn’t, so he does not have my policy either.


Is that RAIN???

We’ve had one day in the last 2-3 months.

Hand it over, Mark! :mad: :mad: :mad:

Isn’t this the only decal you need. The one on bottom?

TRCK Q (3).jpg

So that’s how (pro-fisherman) Bill Dance got that T on his forehead…you ran him over !!! LOL !!! :mrgreen:

Its all about the vols! Even if they blew one!

Go Dawgs :wink:


Everything else is just Gator bait