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As many know I have spent a great deal of time here at NACHI (years actually) and everything I know about the home inspection business came free of charge from great home inspectors all around the country. As a result I have decided to step down from charging for what I know and help everyone just like those who helped me. With that said if I get enough participation every month I will still hold “FREE” online Gotomeeting webinars on a variety of topics regarding our trade. Please note I have to pay for the webinar every month so to offset this I will be promoting advertisers to include my own company Contractor Office Pro. There is no obligation to buy/hire any advertiser. Simply come enjoy yourself and lets all learn something new from each other.

Please use this thread to send in ideas you would like to see discussed on a live webinar. The first webinar will be Tuesday evening 7PM central time. We will be discussing the importance of mobile (Smartphone optimized) websites and how you can have one of your own for $9 a month cancel anytime no contracts involved. If you would like to stick around after that I will discuss SEO again for those who has missed it in the past. Any questions guys let me know.

PS… See the picture attached to view my mobile website for Contractor Office Pro. Merry Christmas to all and lets start off 2014 with a big bang!

To join the meeting Tuesday night visit…

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Awesome decision Billy. If I am available, I may jump in to see what you have to say about mobile optimized sites. I have an HIP site, and three others, and have been starting to pay more attention to this subject. Thanks.

Thank you Jeff. I appreciate your comments and I hope to see you at the webinar on Tuesday.

My biggest gripe about the HIP sites is they have no option to mobile optimize them where most other site designs do nowadays. The HIP sites do not render well at all on phones.

Glenn be at the webinar on Tuesday and I’ll show you an easy way to get a mobile site in addition to your HIP site.

Very interesting offer.