Mobile Home exterior walls HELP

If my home is a zone 11 mobile home, should the exterior walls be 2 x 4’s or 2 x 6’s. I am concerned as we live on the water.

Do you mean zone II (2) also what age is the home and where do you live?



Manufactured homes (mobile homes) are required to be desined and built to HUD standards. These standards can be found at:

Your question would be covered under Title 24, Subpart D, Section 3280.305, Structural Design Requirements.

In a nutshell this regulation provides for the requirement of an engineered design for the structure. In other words the requirements for the size of wall studs has been left to an Engineer to design. The data plate for the home should provide basic information to determine if it is approved for Zone II.

I would speak to the manufacturer of the home and ask them to provide the engineering certification for the design of your MH. The manufacturer information can also be obtained from the data plate.

My home is new (2009) and yes zone II versus zone I. and THANKS.

I did look in the HUD information however it is greek to me. It doesn’t say 2x4’s or 2x6’s.

Sorry, Gerry, I live near Corpus Christi Texas. Its a brand new home, and I know the short ends of the double wide are 2x6’s, but the long side walls appear to be 2x4’s. We would never have known but we had to tear out a short wall to move the Washer and Dryer.


Most HUD standards are cryptic. Basically this one states states that the design is left to an Engineer. As such it will not provide specific component sizes, etc., the Engineer will specify them when the unit is designed.