Mobile Home Inspection by NACHI Member Featured in EC&M



** Patrick Dacey, NACHI member, SouthWest Inspections, recently sent me these photos of this interesting arrangement that he took during a mobile home inspection in June. Both wiring arrangements are located within the crawl space of a doublewide mobile home. The outlet and box were found directly below the water heater and the “web of wires” was located below the two halves of the trailer.

These wiring arrangements violate the requirements of Chapter 3 and 550.3, which states, “Wherever the requirements of other articles of this Code and Article 550 differ, the requirements of Article 550 shall apply.”



Chances are that WEB is where they married the two halves together. In the newer versions they have a simple click and screw method as I am sure you are aware of. In the older ones I found around here they simply stubbed down wires and labeled them ( if you are lucky ) and then junctions were to be made…certainly NOT in the method shown above…lol