Mobile home

I would like to have any info on inspecting mobile home. I know that I saw a link on the subject, can’t find it anymore

Thank Jeannot

Try this link

try doing a search for manufactured housing.
Also, I don’t know how applicable this is for Canada, but NFPA has NFPA 501-Standard on Manufactured Housing. I’ve found this to be a great resource for infomation.
Lastly, try to attend one of Gerry Beaumont’s classes on the subject. I attended the class and found it to be very helpful and informative.
Hope this helps.

Great timing, this is just what was looking for.


Here’s a link which may be of help:

Thank you very much

Try this site:
There are others, just google mobile or manufactured homes.

In Canada all mobile homes are CSA certified. Try the CSA site for standards lists several standards that apply to mobiles.