Mobile/manufactured home inspection

I will be doing my 1st mobile home inspection and wondered if there was a special report system for this type of inspection. I am currently using HIP software so would be able to tailor report. ANy help/hints would be appreciated.


I hope you are doing your research on this.
Mobile homes have many aspects that are not taught by InterNachi. This is an area where observation of the crawlspace and electrical are very critical. Safety of a hard hat and rubber gloves are needed along with a complete tyvec suite.
Take lots of pictures of the crawlspace area and talk to a local CMI to get everything right with the report.:smiley:


I have an excel paper form I have used for years, gets the job done. I also have a tablet pdf fill-form, but can not locate the thumb drive it is on??? I can send to you when I locate. Send me a private e-mail.


Brian, send me an email at and I will send you a trailer inspection done with HIP. :slight_smile:

Is the inspection form one you created to work with HIP? Does it include Modular as well as Mobil home?


My trailer inspection is from my own comments using HIP template for a regular Inspection. I just change the comments to suit the condition.
Modular housing is pretty much the same as a regular house with a few exceptions like the rafters and floor beam connection in the basement. That too you can use HIP by just modifying the comments to suit.
I use the normal templates and add or delete sections in the printing order of the software.

Your location would be helpful.

Thanks Marcel :wink: It’s guys like you that make HIP and InterNACHI a great community.