Mobile/Manufactured Homes

Took the NACHI class today on how to inspect mobile/Manufactured homes.

Then some extra research on the message board.

I’ve come to the conclusion after reading the various messages on the forum that I should only offer 4 point inspections on Mobile/Manufactured homes. Is that correct?

Or should I inspect it like a regular home minus the tie-down/anchoring stuff which needs an engineer to verify?


DUDE 4 points are ONLY for insurance purposes. I suggest anytime you do a 4 point you make that clear.

Do whatever you feel is necessary and whatever the client wants. Just do not call it a Home Inspection…

If you call it a Home Inspection then you MUST follow the ASININE State Mandated SOP minus whatever you take out of your contract…

Makes a ton of sense HUH?

GO LICENSING…F-ing IDIOTS… NOT YOU, those who voted for and wanted licensing. Unless of course you were one of them? I do not personally know what you opinion is on that, but I am sure everyone knows MINE :slight_smile:


What part(s) of the Florida SOP do you consider asinine? It’s pretty similar to the NACHI SOP (do you feel that is asinine also?). The only real difference I see in Florida’s is the addition of inspecting appliances.

If you don’t call it a home inspection, what do you call it and what SOP do you use for it?


When inspecting MF do it like any other home.
What caused you to come to the conclusion " I should only offer 4 point inspections on Mobile/Manufactured homes ". ?

Some message on this board where someone went off about tiedowns/anchoring. Let me see if I can find it in my browser history…

Here it is

You are even in there commenting, Roy :slight_smile:

Would you use a special agreement for a MF or will the NACHI Residential agreement work for MF’s also?

So, I do it like any other home, but defer the tie downs to a professional?


That thread was about 4-Points.
Just do it like any other and charge extra for the crawl.( Full inspection ).

You don’t need to know proper spacing of piers or anchors. Just report if there is any failures under there.
Each MH has its own set of eneginnering that was done at the factory.
Hence, each you inspect could be different.
Just report any issues you may see …Like piers that have fallen over. I see that frequently.

Thanks, Roy!


The SOP I agree to with the client on each individual inspection. The State telling me what to do is asinine. I tailor Home Inspection Alternatives " Walk & Talks" to each clients desires and time schedules and give OPINIONS which I do not in Written Home Inspections. Just the facts in those.

InterNACHI tells you you have to follow the SOP/Code of Ethics, etc… to be a member. I don’t see the difference bewteen InterNACHI telling you what to do vs. the state telling you what to do in regards to SOPs.


INTERNachi IS Voluntary.

I hope I have shown you the light now :slight_smile:

Don’t be a sheep :slight_smile:

The State has rules for everyone who has a regulated occupation or license. I fought the law and the law won. Back in the day when they proposed a motorcycle endorsement I said I been riding motorcycles all my life so no endorsement needed. I rode all the time with no problems until I got pulled over for speeding and they discovered no valid m/c license. Had to appear before the Judge and I told him I have CDL with all the endorsements and have driven anything and everything even in the military. He said that will be 200.00 and get your endorsement have a nice day! I fought the law and the law won

Yeah I fight too and lose often but I sure will never say it is a just law. When things suck I say so.

That kinda sucks, but I remember when the motorcycle endorsement went into effect many years ago and there was a grandfathering clause in there for awhile. I just used that when renewing my DL…never took a test or classes.

I had a MC endorsement in PA. When I moved to FL I didn’t have a bike at the time, the license lady asked me if I wanted to move my MC endorsement over (an extra $25 or something). I said no and figured when I got a new bike I’d just go add it.

NOPE. had to do the permit and testing to get my MC endorsement back! Sucked :slight_smile:


Seems like I am always late on the grandfathering for some reason. Military CDL to Civilian CDL, Motorcycle, Contractor , Inspector and whatever else may come down the line.:mrgreen:


If you can get your hands on the installation manual from the home manufacturer, it has the engineer stamp for the tie downs. Which is not unique to each house but rather each model. I have had that accepted in the past. Nice savings to pass on to your client.

The same happened to me. Taking that test was the worst. Five people in front of me failed. Not from lack of skill but from lack of following directions.

First time I failed was on that Weaving in and out of the cones baloney! I was on a Harley.

Pro Tip:
2nd time I took a 250 honda rebel and weaved in and out like a mofo! :slight_smile: