Mobile Office For Sale

I have a mobile office for sale. It is constructed in a 2003 Town and Country mini-van with approximately 65,000 miles that has been well maintained and garage kept. I closed my home inspection business the first of September after 10 years, and performed approximately 1000 inspections out of this office (indicating the stability of the design). I constructed it around a 3’ square steel plate attached to the floor of the van just behind the passenger seat as a platform. The seat behind the driver’s seat remains as a desk chair. Attached to front left corner of the platform is a “Jotto Desk” mast with 4 articulating arms supporting desktops. One of the desktops is for notebook computer (which would also accept an IMac computer). Another desktop supports a VPC 3M tape binding system to secure report covers. Another provides a writing desk and the last is located between the driver and passenger seat to store my digital camera. Attached to the passenger side rear portion of the platform is a ladder storage that accommodates a 17’ “Little Giant” style ladder standing up on its edge. The remainder of the steel platform real estate accommodates an HP Officejet 5400 desktop printer, power inverter, and numerous battery chargers. The framing for the ladder storage is 1¼” square steel tubing and supports a desktop where a digital pad resides. My clients opened the passenger side rear door, signed the inspection agreement using the digital pad and wrote checks on that desktop. Integral with the framework for the ladder storage is a 2 tier platform system. The platforms are approximately 36” x 32” on 500# weight rated full extension latching drawer guides. These platforms would easily accommodate a blower door and/or duct blaster. There is additional undedicated storage between the seat behind the driver’s seat and the platform storage.

I developed my own reporting format. Using “Dragon Naturally Speaking” voice recognition software I was able to produce, go over and hand my clients a bound professional report including images, CD with additional images including the report saved as a PDF, email copies to persons authorized by my client via an air card, all within an hour or so of the completion of the physical inspection out of this mobile office. This office system is not specific to this van and could be fitted into another vehicle with minimal effort.

I will sell the office components separate from the van. If you are interested in any or all of this equipment, please contact me at 865-804-1111.

I have been working on a website to provide more information. Keep in mind it is a work in progress:

Jim Foster
Harriman, TN

Pictures are always helpful with sale items.

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If you are interested I’ll be more than happy to send you all the pictures you can stand


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You can send me some…

whis11 at charter . net

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