Mobile-optimized web apps for commercial property inspections.

All based on the International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties.

Sweet, just looking it over but with a yearly canvas fee of little over $200 for unlimited access using all canvas apps( if I understand it right) that sounds like a great value

Very cool stuff…

Nick, any feedback from someone who’s implemented?

No, they were only released yesterday.

$200/yr is a lot if you already have all these templates in your HIP software!

Dom, you help a lot of members and we’re grateful. But please don’t be shy about also putting out press releases on anything HIP does. You should be posting a new thread every time something new happens at HIP that might be of interest to members and existing users alike.

Sounds good, will do. I did do one for our mobile HIP about a year ago. Half of the templates in that program are all InterNACHI. Accessibility, commercial, fire door, IAC2 mold, chimney, etc. They are all in there thanks to the great SOP you guys provide and InterNACHI members like Drew Levy helping to create them.

“A year ago” at InterNACHI is like 100 years ago. Things move fast here:

Very true!