mock inspection requirement


Be careful what you say. You might be setting yourself up to get sued for libel. I did not get booted from the association. I choose not to renew.

So with your big mouth now on the board can you please show me where and when I was booted.

not that i’m disagreeing with you guys, i new to this but have a little experience.

florida requires 120 hours of inspection course which includes all 8 components of a house (mine is taking us on field inspections), to pass a written examination, backgroound check, and continuing education every 2 years.

is that easier or harder than joining,serious question, i’m working on mine now.

I am aware of the InterNACHI regulation and I do know that Florida does not require any mock inspections. However, I value my membership in InterNACHI and I do see how mock inspections, although hard for me to arrange, are valuable. Since I want to proceed in my business as an InterNACHI certified Home Inspector, the mock inspection requirement needs to be fulfilled first and thus my comment that it is something standing in my way that I wish to check off. Wasn’t complaining, just wanting someone to allow me to take some pics of a house they were inspecting as I need two more and have no one to ask. At a stand still til then. Thanks for all the interest.

A bit touchy, or what?

Please don’t jump on me if you have a problem with someone else.


Guess you shouldn’t have jumped in on someone else’s statement then.

I guess the state’s behind in listings.
Right now there is no HI license listed yet.

I would strongly recommend you take John up on his offer…

Take a couple days and the both of you drive down… one day you ride along with John/crew… day two your hubby takes the ride along. You will both learn way more from John than you can ever imagine. It will absolutely be worth your time!

Whatever, you’re the one with an axe to grind, I was trying to help by clarifying something for a new user.

Having a license is not meaningless. It is a requirement to conduct home inspections (In Florida) and it is the law. Your comment would assume that laws are meaningless, which they are not.

Membership in an Association is not a requirement of the state as you have already stated. Have you ever considered that the real reason there are so many INACHI members is that the membership requirements for INACHI are the least restrictive and are not as stringent as other Associations?

Now who’s a bit touchy? :roll:


How about answering my question from my last post

wsiegel: No, that wouldn’t make sense for a few reasons.

  • First, we require more continuing education than any other association, 24 hours/year. And more than your state requires.
  • Second, the “least restrictive” thing to do is not join any association, as you pointed out, the state doesn’t require membership in any association. Inspectors join InterNACHI voluntarily. You might want to ask yourself why.
  • Third, we have more than 2,000 licensed home inspectors in Florida. Many are successful veteran inspectors who don’t need us, yet renew year after year after year. You might want to ask yourself why.
  • Fourth, we have many inspectors who are members of multiple associations. Most inspectors in FL who belong to two or more associations belong to InterNACHI. You might want to ask yourself why InterNACHI is almost always one of the associations that inspectors join if they join more than one.
  • Fifth, we have the most members everywhere be it in licensed states/provinces or unlicensed states/provinces. In other words, licensing has no effect on InterNACHI one way or the other. The inspection industry loves InterNACHI… and for good reason.

First you must be state CERTIFIED and then licensed to do commerce in your geography.
I always recommend that new people perform mock inspections and ride alongs for the experience. Nip ignorance in the bud.
For commercial you can start with lenders and insurance company’s or Commercial brokers after you have the competence, however long that takes. Having a partner who is a P.E. is beneficial depending on discipline.

The more certs. And licenses the better! Nachi is way worth it to me just by the referrals i get from here. I dont need to belong here or even a license for that matter, but the nachi referrals pay for my membership and licensing fees tenfold

My question to it, is what about doing an apprentice program? I have been to close to 10 inspections, each one I find I am getting stronger at and more confident at pointing out issues that I see to me mentor. Would they count as well to the 4 mock reports?

And where do the reports go to?

Should I keep wsiegel in suspense much longer or should I let him know why InterNACHI has so many members and such a high renewal rate?

wsiegel, here ya go: Scroll baby scroll!

I wasn’t aware that the mock inspections required pictures.

wsiegel… is specifically designed to make non-members feel stupid :p;-)