mock inspection requirement

Nah. The question in your last post was directed to Nick. I don’t speak for Nick.

No Jeffrey. The one where you say that I was booted out. I’d like to know where you get your information. You made the statement now let’s see you back it up

You’re hung up on licenses. Coca Cola got a license to bottle beverages… do you think that’s all they needed to do to be profitable?

It amazes me how many non members keep wanting to come to the board and tell Nick and everyone else their business. You benefit with knowledge from this board without paying a dime. In union terms your a scab.

Huh, Frank…guess you are right. While I would always include photos in my real inspection reports, guess they are not technically needed to fulfill membership requirements. Thanks for that insight:D

You say it doesn’t.

Just your biased opinion.

Others can form their own opinions.

I gave mine based upon my memory.

Not very often I remember things incorrectly.

I’m done with you… again.

Well once again your memory failed you. I hope you don’t do you home inspections form memory. I chose not to renew. Had nothing to do with breaking the rules. You really should not say things you have no recollection of.

For the rest of you I am leaving this post and this board, for now. A lot of what I tried to post never made it here. Your king decided not to be exposed. Keep believing everything you read and keep drinking the Kool-Aid.

I am off to help some clients. Adios

No problem.