Mock inspections for friends and family

I’m encountering resistance when reaching out to family and friends to perform practice inspections on their house. It’s puzzling. I’m not sure if they’re afraid I’m going to try to sale them something and just using the “free inspection” to get in the door or if it has to do with homeowners preferring to have their heads in the sand. Maybe they don’t want to know what’s wrong because then it’s something else to possibly keep them up at night or have to think about fixing or the money involved. Has anyone else encountered this type of resistance? Is it due to the personal nature of owning a home, maybe they’ll think the condition I report is a reflection upon their home ownership, whether good or bad. Of course I’m just speculating, but inquiring minds would like to know, lol.

If they are family and friends, I would think asking them would go a long way in understanding their point of view…JMO. Maybe they just don’t understand what you would be doing. :-k

Although The SOP states a home inspection is non-invasive it is in fact invasive, we get to look in people’s closets. Some people especially if you know them well just don’t want you nosing around their house.


Are you sure they are your “friends?” If I asked my friends for almost anything, they would do what I asked immediately. Did I ever tell you the story about NACHI.TV and my friend Jamie who owns PRO-LAB?

Ok, tell us about NACHI.TV and your friend Jamie.:smiley:

Many years ago, when I first came up with the NACHI.TV Show (now this was back when online video was just coming out, that’s how long ago this was), I needed money to build a set, buy cameras, microphones, lights, video editing software, etc. I think I needed $30K to get it off the ground. I called my friend Jamie at PRO-LAB and told him my idea and that I needed some money to get it launched. We must have started talking about other issues and I apparently forgot to tell him exactly how much I needed. The next day I got tracked down (I thought I was being served with a lawsuit at first) and I had to sign for an envelope. I opened it up and inside was a check from JM. It was for a million dollars (it may have been 4 $250K checks). No loan agreement, no cover letter, just a check made out to me for a million dollars. LOL. I obviously returned the check uncashed, but it’s good to have friends like him.

Years later we were together and the subject came up. He reached into his wallet and pulled out the check. He had kept the check I returned to him in his wallet for all those years. He said he couldn’t believe I returned it uncashed. I told him I had no other friend in the world who would have sent me a million dollars. He said that he had no other friend in the world who would have returned it.