Mock inspections

Hi All,
My question: What is the correct method to submit a mock inspection. Complete the inspection checklist along with a narrative or simply submit the inspection checklist.

Easy answer here Andrew is think it through as if you are going to be the client. Would you pay someone for a checklist? Write it out and follow a checklist. IMHO narrative wins hands down. Just don’t get too wordy, remember you are trying to tell your client what is going on with their home not how to fix it. Good luck.

Good day George, Thank you very much and have a safe week.

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Andrew I Sandy

Submit the Mock reports in the same manner that you intend to present them to your paying Client(s). A lot more than the obvious is determined by your submissions, not just content.

You could demo (for free) one or more, of the HI softwares out there and use the reporting software to present an actual report similar to what you would submit to a client. It will be better practice and you can begin to familiarize yourself with the program in the process.

Are you talking about the required mock inspections for membership?

Hi Frank, how are you? Mock inspection for membership…yes

I just did the checklist to get it done. You’ll have plenty of time to do inspections and try different software.