Moderator help please

Please delete my account on the forums. Thank you.

Sorry. It is kinda like a gang. Once you join, there is no going back. :scream:

Just kidding, lol. You can just turn off notifications if that is the issue.


He got all the FREE information he was looking for, now he want’s out before he get’s caught for trollin’!!

Too late!!


Even if I quit being an inspector, heck, I’d stay just for the memes and the music!


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Hahaha, great replies. Here’s the story: I found the forum when I was researching the My Safe Florida Home (MSFH) program. I started the process and submitted my application for the grant 03/07/2023. The portal is showing my app “in process” or however it’s termed. At about 4 weeks after submitting I tried to get in touch with MSFH via email, phone, and Twitter, with no response from any of that.

I remembered the info I saw here when I first found out about the program and about a week ago I did the non-member application so I could ask you all if you had info on time frames or possibly even a way to actually converse with someone at MSFH. I was well aware you all are not MSFH however I had nothing else to try.

I put up a post here and it said awaiting moderator approval. I though it was because I was brand new here. Some forums require mod approval for a certain amount of posts for new people. Then after a few days with hearing nothing and the post not being visible, I thought the post may have not been approved because it’s off topic for the forum.

Even though I’ve considered being an inspector a few times throughout the years, I decided having the account here is of no use for me, so I asked to have my account deleted. I looked for a way to send a message to a mod or admin and didn’t find it. So I posted this thread.

LOL, it went through no problems. I then figured it out that the reason my original post went to waiting for approval was because when I did that, my VPN was set to the Netherlands. :person_facepalming:

Edit to add: By the way, I called again today and after waiting on hold for 1 hour and 13 minutes someone answered. She said apps are on a 6 to 12 week backlog.


Shoot an email to this.


You want .org instead of .com
Use these or


Hi, @hadams5. You may be interested in this: